The history of SOCAR Energy Holdings, a Swiss subsidiary of SOCAR, began on the 1st of July 2012 with the acquisition of ExxonMobil’s shares in Esso Swiss. Since September of the same year, Esso’s petrol stations in Switzerland have been rebranded as SOCAR.

This logo, which is new in Europe, reflects the colours of the national flag of Azerbaijan and began to promote the company in the international arena as a modern, favoured and reliable organisation. One of the core values of SOCAR Energy Holdings (SOCAR Switzerland) is to meet customer expectations; for this reason, the company’s goal is to offer customers high quality energy products, while delivering high quality service and creating superior customer value to achieve high customer satisfaction. Another important goal pursued by SOCAR Switzerland is to contribute to sustainable development.

SOCAR has diversified its activities in Switzerland in four different areas. The first area is petrol stations, which are the main branch of the company’s retail sales. The company currently operates 200 petrol stations in Switzerland, where 92 and 95 octane petrol, diesel fuel, as well as engine oils are offered to customers.

In addition, SOCAR Switzerland has kept pace with the times, and since 2014 has begun to install devices that supply electricity to electric vehicles at petrol stations. Note that connecting to the device for just 20 minutes is enough for the car to cover the next 100 km. But the company’s contribution to sustainable development goes way further than that. SOCAR, in cooperation with the Swiss company South Pole, is compensating for carbon emissions from fuel purchased by customers at petrol stations. The funds raised are used to finance sustainable development projects.

SOCAR petrol stations differ not only in their quality of fuel, but also in the high level of services. Thus, in 2016, the company’s 50 petrol stations were awarded the Best Service Award 2015 for excellent service. In order to constantly meet the expectations of its customers with its level of service, the company regularly conducts anonymous customer surveys at the stations.

The second activity of SOCAR Switzerland is to sell liquefied natural gas (SOCAR Gas) to customers and enterprises. The company’s liquefied gas complies with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which guarantees the high quality of the product. As we know, liquefied gas is a cheap source of energy for enterprises (for example, in the agricultural sector). Retail customers get liquefied gas for both vehicles and households. Because not all settlements in Switzerland are connected to the gas main, liquefied gas is used as a source of energy for the heating system in homes. For this purpose, special gas containers can be easily filled by connecting them to special devices at many petrol stations.

Another area of activity of SOCAR Switzerland is the aviation sector. The company refuels aircraft of various airlines at the International Airports of Zurich and Geneva. As a member of the Joint Inspection Group (JIG), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), SOCAR Energy provides its customers with services in accordance with international standards. Finally, SOCAR Energy sells fuel wholesale to enterprises operating in the country. Thus, the company plays a leading role in the fuel business of the local market by carrying out wholesale and retail sales.

The activities of SOCAR Energy are one of the most obvious examples of SOCAR’s transnational strategy. SOCAR Energy Holdings has also decided to enter the Austrian fuel market. SOCAR Energy has acquired A1 petrol stations and Pronto Oil, which trades in petroleum oils. This investment was made possible by the company’s revenues in Switzerland since 2012. Currently, the company’s portfolio in Austria includes 82 petrol stations.

A promotional video about SOCAR Energy Switzerland