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SOCAR’s first representative office in Europe was opened in Romania, a thriving gateway to Eastern Europe, in 2007. The goal was to enter the energy market of the region by supplying our hydrocarbon resources to Romania, and, in a broader sense, to Central and Eastern Europe.

On the 30th of January 2011, SOCAR established SOCAR Petroleum SA Romania; the aim is to trade oil products in the country and to provide quality supply services in line with international standards. Already in September 2011, SOCAR had 1 oil depot in Romania and 13 petrol stations providing high quality fuel products in accordance with Euro-5 standards.

As of the 25th of April 2023, SOCAR Romania, which annually expands its petrol station network, has increased this number to 74. Three of these outlets are franchisees operating under the SOCAR brand. Currently, SOCAR Petroleum SA operates the SOCAR petrol station network in Bucharest and in 27 other regions of Romania. In accordance with the strategic development plan approved by SOCAR Petroleum SA, the expansion of the petrol station network operating under the SOCAR brand throughout Romania, including the capital Bucharest, continues.

The company-owned CAFE NAR catering facilities operate in the petrol stations.

The petrol stations have been provided with all the conditions for supplying electric cars with energy. Customers can benefit from special equipment and 24-hour ATM services to make a range of payments, including road tax. Finally, drivers with SOCAR Fleet CARD have the opportunity to receive certain bonuses when refuelling. Videos promoting Azerbaijan are regularly shown on the monitors installed in all SOCAR stations across the country.

SOCAR Petroleum SA entered a very important phase in the company’s history by implementing another successful project in Romania in 2020. The first depot of SOCAR Petroleum SA has been commissioned in the western Romanian city of Teius in the Alba Iulia region. Currently, the Company operates with 3 fuel depots. SOCAR Petroleum SA, which organises the wholesale of oil products, delivers high-quality oil products at reasonable prices to enterprises operating in agriculture, construction, transport and other sectors.

SOCAR Petroleum SA also sells Azerbaijani petrochemical products (methanol, bitumen, fertilizers, etc.) to Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the Balkans. Despite entering the Romanian market in this area recently, it managed to become one of the leading companies selling methanol in 2020.

Promotional video about SOCAR Petroleum SA Romania: