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25 September 2017

SOCAR representatives visit TAP construction site


Representatives of AzTAP GmbH, managed and operated by SOCAR Midstream Operations LLC, attended the meeting of TAP AG Board of Directors. Afterwards, the delegation visited Western Macedonia (Greece), which is the part of the TAP construction site, inspected the pipeline construction process in Pella, and observed automated welding and trenching of the pipeline. A visit of SOCAR representatives was organised to the Area of Cultural Heritage as well. It should be noted that, currently, development of TAP project makes 52.8% in Greece and 57% overall.

25 September 2017

Eighteen graduates of Baku Higher Oil School started working at Azneft


Eighteen graduates of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) with Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering started working at SOCAR’s Azneft Production Union. A meeting with new staff members gathered SOCAR Vice President for Geology and Geophysics Bahram Huseynov, SOCAR Vice President for Field Development Yashar Latifov, Azneft Director General Dashgin Iskenderov, and BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov.

SOCAR Vice President for Field Development Yashar Latifov extended his congratulations to the Higher School graduates and wished them a successful professional career. “BHOS graduates have a big potential, as they are talented and well-trained young people who constantly aspire after new knowledge. I am confident that they will grow into excellent specialists,” he said. SOCAR Vice President for Field Development Yashar Latifov emphasised that implementation of large-scale international oil and gas projects in Azerbaijan requires young professionals possessing contemporary qualifications and skills. He said that new national specialists shall do their best to meet expectations of their teachers and managers.

In the words of Director General of Azneft Dashgin Iskenderov, it is important that future engineers obtain not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. On-the-job training arranged by BHOS management helps them to apply their knowledge into practice. He said, “During the internship, BHOS students prove themselves as qualified and skilled specialists. We are very pleased to see them as our new employees.”

BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov also congratulated the graduates and said that they should continue developing their professional qualification. “I am very proud of our first graduates who were invited to work so soon. It proves that we have created excellent conditions for professional training of the Higher School students and provided them with good opportunities for successful career,” he said. The Rector expressed his confidence that the undergraduates currently studying at BHOS would also become promising engineers. Elmar Gasimov informed that 30 graduates of the Higher School already started working at PETKIM and STAR facilities; seven persons became staff members of BP in Azerbaijan, while other graduates work now at Maire Technimont Group, Halliburton and other transnational companies.

Speaking at the meeting, Head of Production Department of Azneft Parviz Akhmedov and Head of Field Development Department of Azneft Farid Abadly told about the role played by young specialists in the Production Union activities and in the development of oil and gas industry of the country.

BHOS graduates Aytekin Gasimova and Roman Rahimly currently working at Azneft Production Union expressed their gratitude to management of SOCAR, Azneft and the Higher School, and promised to bear a name of BHOS graduates with honor.

At the end of the meeting, the BHOS graduates were presented with badges of staff members of Azneft Production Union.