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Environmental Monitoring
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Environmental Monitoring

The main activity of SOCAR’s Environmental Department in the sphere of environmental monitoring has been to carry out quantitative and qualitative monitoring of harmful wastes in gaseous, liquid and solid forms emitted to the atmosphere as a result of natural and anthropogenic impacts at enterprises and companies subordinated to SOCAR, on scientific grounds with the purpose of assessing and forecasting the conditions of air, water and soil environment, implementing regular control and research system defining their chemical content, degree of contamination, radioactive and hydro-biological features and physical characteristics.

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Environmental monitoring works being carried out are regulated by provisions of international conventions covering offshore and onshore protection of environment (Oslo-Paris Convention, Tehran Framework Convention), orders and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Article 18 of the law On Protection of Environment, Regulations on State Monitoring of Environment and Natural Resources approved by Decision No.90 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated July 1, 2004 and the Environmental Policy document approved by Order No.77 of SOCAR dated May 12, 2008, which defines directions of the practical works in the field of protection of environment, ecological safety and effective use of natural resources at the enterprises and organizations of SOCAR.

The research object of environmental monitoring being carried out by SOCAR’s Environmental Department covers oil and gas production departments acting in oil and gas fields belonging to SOCAR in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea and those working onshore, oil-gas and petrochemical enterprises, as well as production areas of contract areas of Operating Companies and Joint ventures on Production Sharing Agreement.

The purpose of carrying out the environmental monitoring is to analyse the preliminary condition aimed at discovering natural condition of the environment before any operation works are carried at departments and enterprises subordinated to SOCAR, carry out research works with the view of assessing the level of seriousness of impacts caused by exploration, drilling, oil-gas production etc. works and wastes thrown into the environment during such operations, keep the amount and quality of solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants generated during production processes under control in order to define air, water and soil environments and rehabilitate the ecological balance in the area, analyse their chemical composition, degree of contamination, radioactive and hydrological characteristics, conduct analyses of samples taken at a complex researches laboratory built to the requirements of international standards and give recommendations to remove shortages found.

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