Apply for vendor

This section was set up for easy (online) submit of applications in order to be included in the SOCAR’s Vendor List. Market participants intending to be included in the SOCAR's Vendor List are required to fill out and sign the application, confidentiality undertaking and information about agreements (relevant to applied sub-category) supplier fulfilled during last 5 years and send an electronic version of all (PDF) to email address. It is required to write as a "On inclusion in the Vendor List of SOCAR" in the subject line of the e-mail.
Participant shall note intended “Vendor Commodity”, “Category” and “Sub-Category” using “Vendor Commodities” table placed below.
In those fields, the market participant must select relevant category refer to goods, works or services that he plans to offer to SOCAR.
Please note that the SOCAR Vendor List includes only market participants who have been pre-qualified in accordance with SOCAR's normative documents and who are duly considered as a Compliant.

Note 1: A new application is required for each intended different sub-category.
Note 2: SOCAR reserves the rights in its sole discretion require copy of documents regarding to information submitted by applicant.