Rovnag Ibrahim Abdullayev +

Rovnag Ibrahim Abdullayev

SOCAR president

Khoshbakht Yusifzade +

Khoshbakht Yusifzade

The First Vice President of SOCAR

Suleyman Gasimov +

Suleyman Gasimov

Vice-president for economic issues

Elshad Nassirov +

Elshad Nassirov


David Mammadov +

David Mammadov

Vice-president for refining

Mikayıl Ismayilov +

Mikayıl Ismayilov


Badal Badalov +

Badal Badalov

Vice-president for social issues

Khalik Mammadov +

Khalik Mammadov

Vice-president for HR, IT and regulations

Dashgin Iskenderov +

Dashgin Iskenderov

Vice President for Oil and Gas Transportation and Gas Facilities

Rafiga Huseyn-zade +

Rafiga Huseyn-zade

Vice-president for ecology

Tofig Gahramanov +

Tofig Gahramanov

Vice-president for strategic development

Yashar Latifov +

Yashar Latifov

Vice President for Field Development

Bahram Huseynov +

Bahram Huseynov

Vice President for Geology and Geophysics

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Mikayıl Ismayilov



Tel: (+99412) 521 0023

Fax: (+99412) 521 0371


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Mikayıl Ismayilov Mikayıl Ismayil oghlu Ismayilov was born in 1964 in Chiyni village of Aghsu. In 1982, he graduated from Institute of the National Economy of Azerbaijan (now Azerbaijan State University of Economics) majoring in accounting. He continued his education at the Baku branch of Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute named after N. A. Voznesenskii in 1985 and graduated in 1988. Started his career at Oil Rocks and held various positions (accountant, deputy chief accountant, chief accountant, etc.) in oil and gas industry in the 1988-2003s. Major part of work experience is related to Heydar Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery. M. Ismayilov worked as a deputy director on economics and supply in that enterprise. He is Vice President of SOCAR since 2005. He is a member of New Azerbaijan Party.