Today, SOCAR is not only involved in projects in the Republic of Azerbaijan, but is also executing a wide range of projects that are competitive with transnational companies in the global petroleum market.

The company is also taking actions to improve the working conditions of its employees.

One effort in this direction is the construction of office buildings to modern standards in order to consolidate the company's headquarters administrative personnel who are not directly involved in field operations.

In October 2010, Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev attended the cornerstone ceremony for SOCAR's new office building on Heydar Aliyev Avenue. The bidding on the project began in 2007, and bids from reputable Azerbaijani as well as international companies were considered. SOCAR received a very attractive bid from the Heerim Architects and Planners Co. Ltd Firm of South Korea, which produced a very modernistic, functional, and architecturally correct design, and opted for its proposal.

In September, 2007 SOCAR and "Heerim Architects and Planners Co. Ltd" signed a contract. Afterwards, in May 2010 a tender was announced for the construction work, and among the reputable 8 international contractors, the TEKFEN Construction and Supply Company of Turkey won the bid and signed a contract with SOCAR.

The Heerim Company will be responsible for design supervision and construction management. The preliminary estimate of the cost of the project is 235.4 million US dollars.

We should note that the capital's new building, which will be extremely well designed and beautiful, will meet all the Company's requirements and international standards. The building will have 40 stories aboveground and 2 underground and will be 200 meters tall and cover 5 hectares. There will be 5 conference rooms, a fitness center, a cafeteria capable of serving 1243 people at a time, and parking garages capable of accommodating 1045 vehicles underground and 240 aboveground. The fitness center will be located on the 2nd floor, and the Company's departments will occupy the 3-6 and 18-37 floors. The building's facade will be 27,000 m2 in size, while the basement will have an area of 52,000 m2 and the offices will have an area of 40,500 m2. All told, the project will cover an area of more than 100,000 m2. The new office building will have a reinforced concrete main wall and high quality steel work and will be able to withstand a 9 point earthquake on the Richter scale. A model of the building design was tested in a wind tunnel at wind speeds of 190 km in a Canadian laboratory.

On the basis of the wind tunnel tests, the engineers decided to equip the building with a special damping system. SOCAR’s new office building will be built according to ICS (International Construction Standards), American standards, Russian building codes, and Azeri codes. For the first time in the history of Azerbaijan, the building's facade and windows will be cleaned with the ICU automated system. The building, which is designed to accommodate 2200 workers in comfort will be equipped with twin-cab elevators, electric panels, and automated control system. A maintenance staff of 220 men will maintain the building. Construction of the building is going according to plan.