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Kulevi Terminal

Kulevi Terminal
Kulevi Oil Terminal and port is one of the first and the most important investments of SOCAR in Georgia. Kulevi Oil Terminal is designated for the transshipment of oil and oil products – discharge from railway tank cars and vessels, storage in the reservoirs and loading to vessels. The company provides a high level of service, and operates in compliance with international market requirements by following all rules and regulations. The operations began on May 16, 2008.

For offloading operations there are 4 line Trestles which make possible the simultaneous discharge of 168 railway tank cars. Among the numerous products transshipped via the Terminal are:
 crude oil
 fuel oil
 diesel oil
 gasoil
 methanol
 aviation kerosene
 Propylene
 liquid pyrolysis resin
 naphtha
 isopropyl alcohol
 ultra low sulphur diesel
 industrial oil
 hydrocarbon gas condensate

All products are stored in the tank park which consists of 21 reservoirs with a total capacity of 402, 000 m3. Two of them are used for loading tankers and the third one is used to anchor the auxiliary fleet The Terminal is able to receive Aframax class tankers with the DWT up to 105, 000 tons. Terminal is equipped with 6 pump stations with the capacity of 7-8 thousand cubic meters per hour. It enables to load 100, 000 tons approximately within 11 hours.
All operations in the pump stations are controlled via a central control room using the SCADA automated control system.
In 2012 Kulevi Oil Terminal started the exploitation of the facility designed for the transshipment of liquefied petroleum gases.
In 2016 the Terminal put into operation two additional tank parks.
Tank park №5 consists of 6 reservoirs with a total capacity of 70, 000 m3.
The construction of this facility for the receipt, storage and loading of various oil products like gasoline, naphtha, hydrocarbon condensate, diesel fuel and aviation kerosene, is intended for export, as well as the import of oil product to and from the Caspian Sea region.
The facility’s turnover of oil and oil products are estimated to be 1, 500, 000 metric tons per year.
Tank park №6 consists of 5 reservoirs with a total capacity of 12, 000 m3 - 2 units of 3, 000 m3 and 3 units of 2, 000 m3.
The tank park is designed for the storage of liquefied pyrolysis resin, isopropyl alcohol, and industrial oil.
In order to improve the technological processes of viscous fuel oil offloading and to increase the thermal capacity of the terminal the company constructed a new boiler unit with a capacity of 3x16 tons of steam per hour with distribution heating networks.
During the selection and purchase of the boiler unit, European standards were observed.
The boiler unit system is fully automated, efficient and convenient in operation.
The new boiler unit significantly increased the efficiency of the equipment involved in the transshipment of viscous fuel oil.
To comply with its principles and achieve the planned objectives, the company has established and continually improves its Integrated Management System in compliance with international standards.
The Black Sea Terminal LLC Integrated Management System was certified by all three standards - ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 - by the UKAS Accredited Certification Body – Moody International LLC in 2008, after six months of operation.
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