SOCAR Energy Ukraine

SOCAR Energy Ukraine
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SOCAR Energy Ukraine

The main activity of "SOCAR Energy Ukraine is to improve the network of petrol filling stations and organize wholesale of petrol and oil products in the territory of Ukraine.

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At the moment some 50 specialists are employed at SOCAR Energy Ukraine. The collective work and professional approach ensures the SOCAR projects’ effective implementation in Ukraine.

9 petrol filling stations belonging to SOCAR Energy Ukraine are functioning in Odessa and Nikolayev regions of Ukraine, and in capital Kiev. A few more petrol filling stations are expected to be launched in the near future in various regions of the country.

In 2009, SOCAR purchased Naftonreyd oil base with area of 3.6 ha located 5 km off the city of Odessa of Ukraine. With total capacity of 25,250 m3 and annual turnover of 200 thousand m3, this oil base has been designed to store oil products.

Director: Elchin Mammadov Address: B. Khmelnitskogo Str. 52-A, Kiev, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (044) 207 10 14, 207 10 16, 207 10 17
Fax: +38 (044) 207 10 12

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