Mishovdagh Kelameddin

Mishovdagh Kelameddin
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Mishovdagh Kelameddin

Agreement on the Rehabilitation, Exploration, Development, and Production Sharing for the Block including Mishovdagh and Kelameddin Fields in the Azerbaijan Republic was signed September 12, 2000. The agreement covers an area of 446 km2.

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The Mishovdagh oilfield is located 80 km SW of Baku. It was commissioned in 1956. 754 wells were drilled in the oilfield. As of January 1, 2011 cumulative oil production was 19.6 million tons.

The Kelameddin oilfield is located NW of Hajigabul Station in the central part of the Kelameddin chain. The oilfield was discovered in 1978 and was commissioned in 1980. A total of 151 wells have been drilled in the field. Cumulative oil production as of January 1, 2011 was 1,384 million tons.

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