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2009, SOCAR started deep-water exploratory drilling on the Umid Structure in Azerbaijan’s sector of the Caspian Sea, and in November 2010 the giant Umid Gas-Condensate field was discovered.

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It is the first field discovered by SOCAR with its own resources after the Republic of Azerbaijan gained its independence.

All work from the construction of a permanent offshore platform in water 58 m deep to the drilling of the well with a depth of 6006 m were carried out with SOCAR’s own resources. Based on well logs, hydrocarbon reserves were identified the Productive Strata Horizons V and VII. Later on gas flow was recorded in Horizon VII of the Productive Strata. According to initial estimates, the Umid Structure has hydrocarbon reserves of 200 billion m3 of natural gas and 40 million tonnes of condensate. Currently, drilling of a second well (Umid-10) has started from the Umid-1 Platform. The well will be drilled with an extended reach of 500 m in the direction of the bedding. The target depth of the well is 6500 m, and the target horizon is the PS Horizon VII (similar to Fasila).

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