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"Leadership Academy" Training Launched by Baker Hughes University at SOCAR


As part of the "Leadership Academy" concept, Baker Hughes University has initiated practical training programs focused on cultivating existing and prospective leaders, crafted in alignment with SOCAR's corporate values.

Ashley Thompson and Rossano Gagliardi, with over 20 years of international experience in behavioral competencies and training management, conducted the initial segment of the training from March 11 to March 14, 2024.

A cohort of 40 employees from various segments of the SOCAR Group, including upstream, midstream, and downstream, participated in the leadership development training. The training encompassed modules such as "Creating and Building a Culture of Trust," "Sustainable Leadership," "Leadership and Effective Team Management," "Communication Styles in a Competitive Environment," "Presentation Skills," and others.

It is worth noting that the second part of the aforementioned training is scheduled to be organized in April.