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Vendor enrollment

This section has been developed to facilitate market players in their desire and efforts to be listed as vendor entries in SOCAR (SOCAR’s Vendor List) via online application. Market players intending to be included in SOCAR’s Vendor List are required to complete and sign the application form posted on the webpage, including the Confidentiality Commitment and provide information about the contracts entered into over the last 5 years for the requested sub-category (if any), and send the soft copy (PDF) to via their corporate email. The subject of these e-mails should read “The enrolment to SOCAR’s Vendor List”.

The Vendor Commodity, Category and Sub-category boxes in the e-application form should be filled only using the table SOCAR Vendor Commodities, which can be downloaded here. In these required fields, the market players who intend to apply must select the fields related to their activity or the goods, works or services they plan to offer to SOCAR.

SOCAR’s Vendor List includes only those market players who are pre-qualified in accordance with SOCAR’s regulatory documents and are finally considered suitable.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a potential vendor to SOCAR.

Note 1: A new application is required for each different sub-category.

Note 2: Copies of supporting documents may be requested for each document submitted.