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BHOS students take internship at Emerson

Seventeen Process Automation Engineering students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) are taking internship at Emerson Process Management on July 14-29.
Elmar Gasimov, Rector of BHOS visited Emerson Process Management together with the school’s staff to get acquainted with the internship process and the opportunities provided to students and met with Erkin Ibrahimov, Sales Manager and internship supervisor, who briefed on the internship and the students functions and responsibilities during the programme. The Rector called the students to be responsible and use effectively the opportunities they are provided.

Mr Gasimov thanked the company management for the internship opportunity. During the internship, the students learn about the operation principles, studying the specifications of the field equipment and control devices produced by Emerson Process Management. Moreover, students study the theoretical basis and acquire practical skills on working with the devices applied in various technological processes (pressure sensors, heat sensors, flow sensors, control systems), as well as control valves sizing and selection through various specific software.

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BHOS to cooperate with Angolan company

Frederico Ferraz Domingos, President of Sonangol Hidrocarbonetos International and Filomena Santos Oliviera, Vice President of the company, who are on a visit Azerbaijan, met with Elmar Gasimov, Rector of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) and the students.
Welcoming the guests the Rector briefed the guests on the higher school’s history, vision and mission, as well as its international relations. Emphasizing the importance of educational relations between the countries, Mr. Gasimov spoke about the measures taken to train highly qualified engineering specialists underlying the differences distinguishing BHOS from the other national higher educational institutions. The rector noted that the BHOS students took internship at various structures of SOCAR, as well as at the international companies operating in Azerbaijan.

Underlining that BHOS had recently announced its international admission programme the Rector said that wide opportunities existed for foreign students to come and study at BHOS.

Noting that he had also studied in Azerbaijan, Mr. Domingos said he was very pleased of coming to Baku again. He briefed on his company and its projects implemented in Angola and abroad, emphasizing the company’s interest in establishing partnership with BHOS and the prospects of collaboration with Sonangol Academy.

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BHOS Rector meets prospective student scoring 700 points

Elmar Gasimov, Rector of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) met with Nadir Sultanli, one of the three applicants scoring the maximum 700 points in the university entrance examinations on specialization group 1 held by the State Students Admission Commission.
Rector Gasimov congratulated Nadir for this kind of an achievement underlining that intelligent and smart Azerbaijani young people were the proud of the nation and that everybody felt pride of their success. Emphasizing that both teachers and parents have a great contribution in their achievement, Mr. Gasimov said that the prospective students with high results always preferred this higher school for their further studies. He said that Nadir made the right choice selecting BHOS and wished him success in his further studies.

Nadir’s mother Mrs. Shahla Sultanli said that BHOS was a leading higher education institution in Azerbaijan not only from the academic, but also from the recognition perspective. She expressed her joy of Nadir’s choice and thanked the Rector for the warm welcome and congratulations.

Later, Rector Gasimov showed the model of the campus and photos of the students awarded the Presidential scholarship in the previous years.

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Turkish Minister of Economy meets SOCAR delegation

On July 21, SOCAR delegation led by Vagif Aliyev, Chief of the SOCAR Investment Department, Chairman of Board of Management, SOCAR Turkey Energy, visited the Ministry of Economy of Turkey and met Minister Nihat Zeybekci.
Highlighting the projects implemented by SOCAR in Turkey, the meeting underlined the investment projects carried out according to the schedule. It was mentioned that the last events in socio-political life of Turkey had no impact on the development of SOCAR projects and all the projects are implemented as those were scheduled first. As SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev formerly noted, SOCAR represents a family of forty thousand in Turkey and considers this country as the homeland. Minister Nihat Zeybekci welcomed SOCAR as one of the most considerable investors in Turkey and said its projects had a great significance for the Turkish economy.

He wished every success to the SOCAR’s activity in Turkey.

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The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan… at a glance

Discover SOCAR

The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is involved in exploring oil and gas fields, producing, processing, and transporting oil, gas, and gas condensate.

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International ratings

When investors and credit organizations wish to cooperate with any company, first of all the international rating of the company in discussion is reviewed.

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