Baku Higher Oil School

Baku Higher Oil School
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Baku Higher Oil School

The goal of the Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) is to meet needs of SOCAR, which expands its activities in Azerbaijan and abroad, and other industries in the country for highly qualified engineers trained in accordance with modern curricula and education technologies, and having an advanced level of English.

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Baku Higher Oil School was established as a public higher education institution in the structure of SOCAR under the Decree dated 29 November 2011 issued by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. In February 2012, the Statute of Baku Higher Oil School was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In May 2012, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan granted a special license to the Higher School for specialist training. On April 10, 2012, Elmar Gasimov was appointed the Rector of the Baku Higher Oil School by relevant decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

On May 1, 2017, President Ilham Aliyev opened BHOS’s new campus, the largest one in the Caucasus region. The President praised the activities of the Higher School during the opening ceremony: “It is a very significant day in the life of our country today. We are celebrating the opening of a campus of Baku Higher Oil School. It meets the highest standards. Baku Higher Oil School has been operating for six years. It has been very successful. Over these years, the school has earned itself a worthy place in the sphere of education in Azerbaijan. The school moves to a new campus, a new building today. All the conditions are available here to study and master knowledge. The most modern technologies have been applied. All the buildings are beautiful and built with taste. There are sophisticated laboratories here, and I have been familiarized with them. The level of education here will meet the highest standards.”

The admission to BHOS is administered by the State Examination Centre in three specialties (Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Process Automation Engineering). The teaching process is conducted in English and it meets requirements of European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. For this purpose, close partnership relations have been established between the Baku Higher Oil School and Heriot-Watt University of the United Kingdom.

During the first year of education, the students attend intensive English and ICT courses, and next four years they gain knowledge on chosen specialties. Professors and teaching staff from the world’s different universities are invited to BHOS to give lectures.

One of the main goals of BHOS is to give students not only theoretical knowledge, but practical experience, too. The students have an opportunity to undertake internship in different enterprises, including SOCAR Headquarters, Turkish Petkim and Star Oil Refinery, SOCAR Polymer, SOCAR Umid LLC, Azneft PU, Azerkimya, BP, Halliburton, Maire Tecnimont and other leading companies in the field.

In the 2017/2018 academic year, all seven prospective students earning 700 points at the entrance exams to national higher educational institutions in the first group of specialties conducted by State Examination Centre have chosen to study at BHOS. The minimal score for the prospective students to study Process Automation Engineering was 685 points. According to the State Examination Centre, Process Automation Engineering is the most popular field of study for young people and has become a specialty of the year. Statistics on average score for the Higher School since the first student admission:

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Twenty-four students out of 25 Presidential scholars in 2017/2018 academic year study at the Higher School.
Statistics of Presidential scholars for the years of the Higher School:

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BHOS is the only higher education institution in Azerbaijan that has been awarded ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems), and ISO 10002 (Quality management, Customer satisfaction, Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations) Certificates.

School of Project Management (SPM) launched its activities at Baku Higher Oil School in 2017. It was established in cooperation between British company TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (Stratex), and BP and its partners. Upon successful completion of the study comprised of seven modules, the trainees are awarded with Master certificate from the George Washington University (the USA).

Last year, BHOS conducted its first graduation ceremony. Many of them already work in leading companies including SOCAR Head Office, Azneft PU, SOCAR Petkim and Star Oil Refinery Plant, Azerkimya, Heydar Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery Plant, SOCAR Umid LLC, SOCAR Polymer, BP, Schlumberger, Halliburton and Maire Tecnimont. Other graduates continue their studies to obtain Master or PhD degrees at prestigious universities in Azerbaijan or abroad including Stanford University (USA), Colorado School of Mines (Hamburg), Hamburg Technical University (Germany) and Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen Nuremberg University (Germany)

Today, with a view of training professional engineers in the country, BHOS enjoys high-level cooperation with the largest international companies such as SOCAR, BP, ABB, Emerson, Schneider Electric, Maire Tecnimont, Halliburton, Microsoft, Schlumberger, Statoil, Total, DAAD, Avandsis Group, and this creates an opportunity for BHOS to prepare specialists in line with international standards.

Rector: Gasimov Elmar Eldar oglu
Address: AZ1025, Baku, Khojaly avenue, 30
Phone: (+99412) 521 33 63
Fax: (+99412) 521 33 64

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